Steve's Snaketuary looks to change perception of snakes

I recently had an amazing opportunity to visit a unique, local business called Steve’s Snaketuary. Steve Kennedy, owner of Steve’s Snaketuary, hopes to change the perception of snakes through education. Much to his parents’ displeasure, Kennedy has been a fan of snakes from a very young age. After marrying, with his wife’s support, he bought a little corn snake. One…
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Crash the Wedding event to be held at Petroleum Club

Now’s your chance to crash a wedding! The Petroleum Club, located in downtown Shreveport, is gearing up for its annual Crash the Wedding event on Thursday, September 16. The event will be held on the 16th floor from 6:30pm until 9pm, inside the Midsouth Towers. The…

7 Things to Do in Shreveport On A Rainy Day

Photo courtesy of the Spring Street Museum Facebook page. Spring Street Museum Housed in one of Shreveport, Louisana’s oldest buildings, the Spring Street Museum allows us a chance to dive back into the past! The building is full of interactive exhibits and…