Here’s 50 Cents extensive vision for Shreveport

Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson launches G-Unit Studios in Shreveport, LA

Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson made a significant mark in Shreveport with the ceremonial signing of the lease on Thursday, April 18 that officially kicked off G-Unit Studios, but he’s not stopping there.

During a VIP welcome reception at the Skybox in Independence Stadium, Mr. Jackson revealed his extensive plans to invest in Shreveport. He shared his vision for downtown, envisioning a blend of New York City’s Times Square with a hint of Las Vegas glamour, aiming to transform Shreveport into the premier metropolitan hub of the South.

50 Cent’s plans for downtown Shreveport

His goal is to turn Shreveport into a year-round tourist hotspot by introducing a luxurious hotel featuring a rooftop restaurant and bar, along with a distinctive building inspired by Las Vegas’ iconic sphere that will utilize a projection system to provide a similar aesthetic. The new sphere will be right behind StageWorks, which is being renamed The G Stage Arena.

G Stage Arena

With projects like the G Stage Arena, poised to revolutionize entertainment offerings, and the development of the Red River District into Shreveport’s own bustling Times Square, Mr. Jackson’s vision promises to make Shreveport a dynamic destination for tourists, day and night.

G-Unit Studios

Rendering courtesy of 50 Cent’s Facebook page.

The G-Unit Studios expansion is set to include a range of facilities such as sound stages, offices, workshops, artist housing, and living spaces. Among its highlights are 10 state-of-the-art sound stages varying from 20,000 to 50,000 square feet, totaling an impressive 320,000 square feet. Positioned to become the premier destination for film and television production in the United States, this expansion will mark the largest of its kind in North America and is expected to generate over 1,000 jobs.

Mr. Jackson made it clear that he wouldn’t delve into details if the groundwork hadn’t already begun. He assured that developments would unfold swiftly, even surpassing expectations.

Texas Street properties

He has already acquired five or six properties along Texas Street, which are undergoing refurbishment. His aim is to provide additional attractions and amenities for visitors and residents alike, ensuring a vibrant atmosphere for events and leisure. Efforts are underway to develop these properties into exciting destinations for people to enjoy and explore.

Humor & Harmony Weekend

50 Cent also shared that Humor & Harmony Weekend will be coming to Shreveport in the Summer of 2024! “You won’t want to miss all the talent I’m bringing to town,” Mr. Jackson shared on his social platforms. You can sign up at for more info.

Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson’s ambitious plans for G-Unit Studios and his investments in Shreveport signify a transformative era for the city. With the expansion of G-Unit Studios, Shreveport is poised to become a powerhouse in the entertainment industry, offering state-of-the-art facilities and generating numerous job opportunities.

Jackson’s dedication to revitalizing properties along Texas Street reflects his commitment to creating a dynamic and inviting environment for both locals and visitors alike. As his vision unfolds, Shreveport is set to emerge as a vibrant cultural and economic hub, drawing attention and admiration from across the nation.

Rendering courtesy of 50 Cent’s Facebook page.
Rendering courtesy of 50 Cent’s Facebook page.
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