William Joyce’s novel adapted into live-action series for Netflix

Academy award-winning filmmaker, illustrator, and artist, William Joyce, will soon have a new project coming to Netflix.

Joyce’s illustrated novel, Ollie’s Odyssey, has been adapted into a live-action series for Netflix. The series begins airing on August 24th.

The Netflix show is called Lost Ollie, one of several titles he tried out while writing the book. Netflix had optioned the novel before it was even published.

The series tells the story of a boy named Billy who loses his favorite toy. Both the boy and toy vow to find each other no matter what.

“I often described it as an epic adventure over six city blocks,” Joyce shared. “But it was a deeply personal and poignant book for me. It was about my own favorite toy that I lost when I was five and found again when I was 25. At heart it is also a story of love and loss.”

Joyce began work on the story shortly after the loss of his daughter and during his wife’s battle with ALS.

“I’d read each new chapter and draft to Elizabeth as I wrote them,” he remarked. “She could no longer speak but her eyes and face would radiate her approval and I could also tell from the tiniest shift in her expression that some bits needed more work.”

His son also shared in the experience by posing for different illustrations and helping him make it through the difficult days.

The book was adapted by Joyce’s friend and colleague, Peter Ramsey, and the extraordinary talented, Shannon Tindle. Ramsey and Joyce worked together on Rise of the Guardians.

A line in the book when Ollie realized that Billy will someday grow up really resonated with Joyce. He wonders if Billy will remember him.

Remember is a good word. Ollie knew that now. Billy would always remember. And Ollie would never forget.

“I hope you all will remember Ollie. I think Peter and Shannon have made something you will never forget.”

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