Vegans On The Run is changing the taste of vegan food

Vegans On The Run is a family-owned, premier vegan food experience in Shreveport, Louisiana. Dr. Joslin Pickens, owner of the restaurant, aims to make vegan food more accessible for others by adding her own special twist. All of her dishes are 100% vegan and infused with real Louisiana flavor.

The desire to open the business came from her own personal needs, she explained. She had made the decision to go vegan 9 years prior, and many other members of her family made the same decision soon after.

“We are Louisianians so we like real food,” said Dr. Pickens. “Being vegan in North Louisiana means we didn’t have a lot of food choices.” She set out to change that.

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Pickens headed to the kitchen and began developing her own recipes for many of the foods and flavors she missed after switching her lifestyle. Photos of her meals quickly spread on social media and the desire for others to purchase her creations was soon apparent. This feedback led her to begin researching how to start a business.

She spoke with colleagues, business mentors, and other local chefs to develop a business plan. After three years of letting fear set in, she finally made the leap and decided to start selling her meals to others.

The community’s response has been immense. “So thankful for businesses like this! Delicious, vegan, comfort food all for a reasonable price,” said Katy Larsen, one of many customers who has left a positive review on Facebook. “They are wonderfully creative and the finished product is delectable.”

The staff at Vegans On The Run takes the health of their customers very seriously. All staff at Vegans On The Run is ServSafe COVID-19 Precaution certified. This extra certification provides training on sanitation, packaging best practices, as well as other hygiene recommendations and precautions related to COVID-19.

“We want to be the first idea for people in the Shreveport-Bossier area and even North Louisiana,” Pickens shared, speaking of her future plans. “When they think of vegan food we want them to think of Vegans On The Run. Changing the face and taste of vegan food is big for us and that’s what we want to do.” The ambitious chef hopes to one day have not only her own location, but multiple locations.

Vegans On The Run is currently located inside of the Milam Street Kitchen Incubator at 1210 Milam St. in Downtown Shreveport. Their weekly menu is posted on their Facebook and Instagram.

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Paul Savage, Jr.

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