Shavers come out of retirement with The Pearl Shreveport

Robert and Trudie Shaver, former owners of Shaver’s Crawfish & Catering, are coming out of retirement to open a new shreveport restaurant, The Pearl. The new restaurant is taking over the former La Madeleine restaurant located at 6871 Fern Ave.

The local couple owned and operated Shaver’s Crawfish & Catering for almost 30 years before Robert transferred ownership to his brother and partner a few years ago.

The Pearl Shreveport fulfills Robert’s lifelong dream of owning a seafood restaurant. However, he’s made it clear that the restaurant will be a destination for all, serving up a variety of entrees that accommodate many different tastes. They’ve also shared they plan to have a special Sunday Brunch menu. They’re currently in the process of building out their website and sharing their full menu.

Robert and Trudie plan to continue their hands-on management style by remaining on-site as much as possible and working closely with Benn, their general manager, and Val, their executive chef.

The restaurant is currently hiring and accepting applications. You can apply in person at their location on weekdays from 10am-2pm. They plan to open to the public by the end of June, but will make an official announcement soon. You can follow The Pearl Shreveport on Facebook by clicking here.

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