QUIZ: Where should I eat in Shreveport?

Having trouble deciding where to eat tonight? Do your friends never want to pick a place? Take our quiz and it'll intelligently choose for you based on your preferences. 

Are you looking to eat breakfast, lunch, or dinner?

We'll help narrow down your decision based on the type of food you are looking to eat for this meal as well as the popularity of certain restaurants for each time of day.

1. Breakfast
2. Lunch
3. Dinner

How much money are you looking to spend on this meal?

Let  us know what kind of budget you're ballin' on today.


What type of food are you NOT feeling right now?

This will help us weed out options you probably wouldn't like.

1. Pizza
2. Mexican
3. Greek

Do you like cajun food?

Not a fan? That's okay. We'll remove those options. One of your favs? Don't worry. We've got some options for you too.

1. Yes
2. No

Are you wanting an alcoholic beverage with your meal?

Maybe you're looking to get a little turnt at dinner. Hey, it's five o' clock somewhere and we've got you covered.

1. Yes
2. No

Do you want to sit on a patio?

If a patio is important to you, we'll' give preference to restaurants with patio seating when calculating your results.

1. Yes
2. No

Would you like a venue with live music?

Sometimes music sets the mood. And, sometimes it can kill it. Let us know your preference for this meal.

1. Yes
2. No

All 7 questions completed!

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QUIZ: Where should I eat in Shreveport?

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QUIZ: Where should I eat in Shreveport?