Food Prize announces 2023 Golden Fork Chefs

Louisiana Food Prize has just announced an incredible lineup of local culinary geniuses for the 2023 Society of the Golden Fork Dinner Series, and it’s going to be an epic year of elevating our community’s culinary culture! This year’s chefs are Ryan Gillespie, Anthony Felan, Chris Hayes, Robyne Moore, Dylan Teekell, Val Benn, Cindy Johnson, Hardette Harris, Megan Chavez, Brandon Sooter, Tootie Morrison, and John Strand.

“We are so proud of what the Food Prize has been able to accomplish for our city’s culinary culture,” said Gregory Kallenberg, founder and executive director of the Prize Foundation and Founder of the Food Prize. “These chefs are shining stars, and we look forward to them creating a beacon that helps make Shreveport/Bossier into a nationally renowned food city!”

Each six-dinner session will be a culinary competition of epic proportions, where attendees will have the honor of scoring the chefs on their performances. The three highest scoring chefs from both the spring and summer sessions will secure a coveted spot in the finals. These Food Prize Finalists will compete for the coveted Golden Fork at Prize Fest’s Come and Get It event.

Come and Get It will be held during the second weekend of Prize Fest on October 20, 2023, this is where the magic happens. Each local chef will team up with a visiting celebrity chef to create a once-in-a lifetime culinary masterpiece that will be presented to and tasted by attendees and a panel of judges. The winning team will be crowned the Golden Fork champions that evening, and trust us, the competition will be fierce.

To learn more about the Food Prize finalists and to purchase tickets for the Golden Fork Dinner Series, visit

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Paul Savage, Jr.

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