Barksdale easing restrictions on restaurant dining policy

Barksdale Air Force Base announced it is revising it’s restaurant dining policy for 2 BW personnel. The installation commander has authorized dining in off-base restaurants until further notice. Bars, clubs, and casinos remain off-limits.

The base ran a trial run at the end of February which allowed service personnel to dine in off-base restaurants for the holiday weekend. With the local COVID trends remaining positive and results from the trial run being favorable, leadership made the decision to allow dining in off-base restaurants moving forward.

Base leadership continues to ask service members to practice and emphasize good judgement regarding COVID preventative measures and to adhere to their mask wear and social distancing policies. If the location or other patrons appear lax in their mitigation measures, they’ve asked service members to consider getting food to go or choosing another location.

Barksdale’s COVID guidance policy is under constant review and will continue to evolve and reflect the trends of our local community.

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