Partnership establishes Innovation Bowl

Furthering the mission of providing educational and unique experiences to students, the Independence Bowl and title sponsor Radiance Technologies have partnered to proudly present the Radiance Technologies Innovation Bowl beginning in 2022-2023.

The Radiance Technologies Innovation Bowl is an academic competition between schools and conferences affiliated with the Radiance Technologies Independence Bowl – the American Athletic Conference, Army West Point, Brigham Young University, Conference USA and the Pac-12 Conference. Schools will compete for a $25,000 grand prize by developing innovative approaches to a current research and development topic selected by Radiance Technologies. 

Evaluation of submissions is a two-step process where teams submit their ideas and approaches to Radiance Technologies prior to the end of the fall term. Scientists and researchers within Radiance Technologies will pick three finalists, announced at the Radiance Technologies Independence Bowl. These teams will then further develop their ideas in the spring semester through prototypes, models and simulation or experimentation and present their findings in person to a panel of experts. From these live presentations, a winning team will be selected and awarded the $25,000 grand prize.

For more information on the Radiance Technologies Innovataion Bowl – including the 2022-2023 topic, rules and how to apply, visit

2022-2023 Topic: How can GEOSPATIAL Intelligence data be used to monitor, assess, and predict the impact of climate change? 

Geospatial Intelligence (GEOINT) is the information obtained for a particular geographical location through the exploitation of imagery and geospatial data. GEOINT uses overhead imagery from various Electro Optical/Infrared (EO/IR) sensors (images) combined with imagery analysis (determining what is in the image) and other geospatial data (characteristic reference information for the location, e.g., elevation, road and utility networks, vegetation, population, geodetic data, etc.). This combination provides the situational awareness of what is occurring or changing at a particular location. In this regard, GEOINT can monitor the effects of climate change. For instance, it would be possible to monitor the amount of precipitation within a region and correlate that with water usage to predict potential shortages which may lead to major population disruptions and potential conflicts. This effort is seeking innovative ways and means to employ GEOINT capabilities to monitor climate change.

It seeks not only to identify the effects of climate change but to correlate these events with activities and patterns to predict areas and regions of concern. It is expected that innovative ideas are supported with examples, simulations or other means to validate the approach along with identification of the types of data sources used and accessed.

Contest Format

Universities form teams consisting of faculty and students to compete in the Radiance Technologies Innovation Bowl. The number of team members and make up is at the discretion of the team but only one faculty member per team is expected. Multiple teams from the same university are permitted. Teams will sign up early in the fall semester, Phase I, and will be given additional information concerning the competition. There will be opportunities for teams to discuss their ideas with Radiance Technologies GEOINT experts at various times during this phase. The goal of this initial phase is for the teams to provide a proof of principal or proof of concept for their innovative idea and show that it will work and the benefit of the approach. Teams will conduct initial research and assessments of their approach and present these in a written report along with a plan of action if selected for the next phase. This information will be evaluated by a team of GEOINT experts who will determine three finalists to move to the next phase. This announcement will coincide with the Radiance Technologies Independence Bowl in December 2022.

Phase II will take place in the spring semester. The three teams will mature their approach and produce a prototype, model and simulation or other means to demonstrate the operation of their innovation. Teams will send three members to a Radiance Technologies location for a final presentation – expenses paid in full. From the presentation, a winner will be selected, and the $25,000 grand prize awarded.

Who Can Enter?

Participation is open to all schools affiliated with the Radiance Technologies Independence Bowl. It is expected that teams can be either faculty-led or student-led. It is at the discretion of the individual teams to decide on the number of team members, provided each team has no more than one faculty representative. Teams need to express their interest to compete in the Innovation Bowl no later than September 1, 2022. They will then be invited to attend our Virtual Workshop on September 15, 2022, where information concerning data, rules and expectations will be provided. This will also give students an opportunity to interact with national GEOSPATIAL experts to gain a better appreciation of capabilities. Following this First Virtual Workshop, teams will sign up, by September 16, 2022 to participate in the competition. A roster of competitive teams will then be published.

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