LarryP’s Boiling Pot opens neighborhood eatery

Get ready, Shreveport! Exciting news is on the horizon as the city welcomes one of its newest neighborhood eateries, LarryP’s Boiling Pot, now open at 1173 Louisiana Ave. With its prime location near Highland and Downtown, this eagerly anticipated establishment promises to become a go-to destination for all your culinary cravings.

Founded in 2018, LarryP’s Boiling Pot is known for revolutionizing the way people eat and enjoy cajun food, with a particular focus on the beloved crawfish. With a passion for discovering the most unique and authentic flavors in cajun cuisine, LarryP’s Boiling Pot has garnered a reputation for excellence that extends far beyond their food truck days.

LarryP’s commitment to authenticity and culinary innovation is exemplified in their award-winning boiled seafood, which has garnered acclaim from food lovers and critics alike.

“Born and raised in New Orleans, we bring a passion to our food that is hard to find elsewhere. Our seafood is cooked and spiced to perfection, and we invite everyone to experience what all the buzz is about,” they shared.

The menu at LarryP’s Boiling Pot includes cajun boiled crawfish, cajun boiled shrimp, and cajun boiled snow crab, offering a tantalizing selection of options for seafood enthusiasts. Whether you’re a seasoned cajun food aficionado or a newcomer eager to explore the flavors of the South, LarryP’s Boiling Pot promises an unforgettable dining experience.

The excitement is building, and the anticipation is palpable as they open their doors and welcome patrons to their vibrant eatery.

The journey from food truck to neighborhood eatery has been made possible by the steadfast support of the community. The team extends their heartfelt thanks to their loyal customers and supporters for believing in their culinary vision.

You can follow LarryP’s Boiling Pot on Facebook or visit their website at for the latest news and sneak peeks as they make their mark on Shreveport’s food scene.

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Paul Savage, Jr.

Paul Savage, Jr. is a graduate of Centenary College of Louisiana and is the owner, founder, & designer of Savage Creative Solutions. Savage Creative Solutions is a full-service, integrated marketing agency headquartered in Shreveport, LA with a growing national footprint across multiple industries. Savage is a local marketing and communication professional, entrepreneur, and accomplished author. His debut memoir, "Diary of A Testicular Cancer Survivor," has been featured on Amazon's best-seller list.

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