Centaur float assists with couple’s gender reveal

Krewe of Centaur - Gender Reveal

Despite adverse weather conditions, Lisa, an elementary school teacher, and Joe Bradley, a local firefighter, showcased their unwavering determination as they celebrated the Krewe of Centaur parade on February 3, 2024, with a spectacular gender reveal.

Krewe of Centaur Gender Reveal

The Jester Float in Saturday’s Krewe of Centaur parade played a pivotal role in the grand announcement, eagerly raising signs revealing the baby’s gender. The moment reached its crescendo as family and friends joined in, releasing vibrant colored powder into the air, eliciting excited cheers from the gathered crowd.

Witnesses present at the event were quick to share in the joy of the expecting couple. A TikTok user exclaimed, “Congratulations! We were across the street from y’all and thought it was the coolest thing in the world.” Another added, “My friends and I had the spot right next to this family, and let me tell y’all they are some of the sweetest people I’ve ever had the opportunity to meet.”

Centaur Gender Reveal goes viral on TikTok

The couple’s video documenting the gender reveal was shared on TikTok, amassing an impressive 238,000 views and 47,000 likes.

@leesuhh16 It's a….💜💜💜 #gendereveal #mardigras ♬ Dandelions – Ruth B.

Expressing gratitude for the overwhelming support, the couple took to their Facebook page, stating, “In the cold and rain, so many friends and family came out to support, and it truly means the world to us. This little girl is extremely lucky to have such a great support system. Your parents can’t wait to meet you in June, baby girl!!”

@leesuhh16 Replying to @Sydne Williams ♬ Dandelions – Ruth B.
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