How to apply for an Amazon job in Shreveport

It’s been about 11 months since Governor Edwards announced the new Amazon fulfillment center being built in Shreveport, Louisiana. While construction continues, little has been shared about how to apply.

According to one source, Amazon has made the decision to delay their opening and add more robotics to limit the number of jobs, in order to offset the deficit of those applying.

Yet, if you visit the Amazon job website they don’t have any positions listed. This source stated, “it will say there are no jobs available but it will allow you to enter your e-mail address so they can notify you.”

The Louisiana FastStart website also doesn’t have any openings listed yet.

According to this source, “what they said is they have not found enough people showing interest in working at the fulfillment center to be able to meet the requirements.”

You can sign up to receive emails and express interest in a future position by clicking here. Choose “Fulfillment Center Jobs Near You” and select the appropriate filters. You’ll see a message saying no jobs currently match your criteria. Below this message will be an email sign up form. Submit your email to be notified when Amazon jobs are available.

We reached out to the Louisiana Workforce Development for further clarification. Amazon and them previously met via Zoom to discuss their workforce needs.

During this meeting Amazon shared that applications will be taken online. They will start hiring operations managers, etc. about 2 months before the facility here opens. They will begin hiring “regular staff” 6-8 weeks before they open. The Shreveport facility is scheduled to open around Sept-October of this year. This means we likely won’t see job postings listed online until at least late July or early August. To their knowledge, Amazon has not started recruiting workers here yet.

In an emailed statement to KSLA News 12, an Amazon spokesperson said the rumors were untrue. Amazon has “not begun hiring for the majority of our fulfillment positions.”

We’ve also reached out to Amazon’s spokesperson and Public Relations department regarding the possible delay and installation of new robotics. We’ll update this article should we hear from them or receive additional info on job availability at the new fulfillment center.

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